Becoming Economically Independent
Our scholarship program is unique. Scholars receive financial assistance to use for tuition and books, or other activities that enable them to stay in school such as childcare or transportation. Following an application, interview and selection process, scholarships are awarded each Spring to new and returning scholars for use in the upcoming school year, and amounts vary per scholar. Scholar Applications must be postmarked by April 30, and scholar selections are announced by June 9.

Each WEDC Foundation Scholar is paired with a mentor. Click here for more information about this vital aspect of the scholarship program. For information on becoming a mentor, contact us.

Professional Development
Scholar Development Programs are conducted throughout the year by community experts on various aspects of career selection and development, resume and interview skills, health and lifestyle, time and stress management and much more. Scholars, Mentors, Board Members, Donors and Contributors attend these workshops, as well as the Scholar Orientation Session and the Spring Graduation Celebration to support scholars.